Undergraduate Business Council

Online Scavenger Hunt

Foster partners with many different companies who provide opportunities and resources to help create the Foster experience! This scavenger hunt highlights a few of these partners and the awesome things they are doing within the communities they are a part of! Have fun!

Directions: Each number corresponds to the respective blank in the sequence below! Keep track of all your answers to solve this online scavenger hunt! All underlined words are hyperlinks to help you out!

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

1. Costco was co-founded by Jeffrey Brotman, a UW graduate and a recipient of the Foster Distinguished Leadership Award in 2016, and is well known for its reputation of treating its employees so well that retention rates and employee satisfaction are much above industry average. On Costco’s website, you can find a Sustainability Commitment, where you can learn more about charitable contributions, employee volunteering, sustainable products, and much more. In the “Employees” section of the 2019 update, you can read more about Costco’s long tenured workforce.

Over 33% of employees at Costco have worked there for more than a decade, and Costco is proud that over 7_% of warehouse managers began their careers in hourly positions within Costco.

Learn more about Costco’s Sustainability Commitment here!

2. Starbucks believes that “helping people thrive helps ensure the long-term sustainability of the premium products we provide”. Part of this sustainability plan includes partnering with organizations such as the Ethical Tea Partnership, to help ensure that their tea products are produced with sustainable practices and under safe, transparent and humane working conditions.

As of 2018, nearly 72% of Starbucks’ tea was ethically sourced. Starbucks’ goal is to have all cocoa and tea 100% ethically sourced by 202_.

Learn more about Starbucks’ ethical sourcing goals here!

3. Brooks is a well-known athletics wear company headquartered in Fremont, just off of the Burke Gilman Trail! Brooks is all about inspiring people to run and be active — their motto is even “Run Happy”! Brooks’ desire to give back can be seen through their Brooks Booster Club, in which they support young athletes through financial and product donations to schools.

Since 2015, this program has helped over 4,500 athletes and 9_ schools nationwide.

Read more about Brooks’ desire to Run Responsibly here!

4. REI is an outdoor recreation and retail company headquartered just down the road in Kent! Last Black Friday, REI chose to #OptOutside, shutting down all of its stores while paying their employees to opt to be outside. REI also created the Opt To Act Plan, a 52 week action plan in which people can adopt eco-friendly behavior into their lifestyle.

Week 2_’s challenge was to “Read about environmental issues on the Co-op journal.”

Read more about REI’s Opt To Act commitments here!

5. Bartell Drugs is a family-owned pharmacy located in the Pacific Northwest and has 67 neighborhood stores. Its mission is “To be the best loved drugstore of our Northwest neighbors by providing an exceptional experience that advances their health, happiness and wellbeing.” To support this mission, Bartell’s engages in many charitable partnerships and community events that help serve the surrounding community.

Bartell’s created the B Caring Program, a fundraising tool for local schools, athletic groups, churches and other qualifying non-profits to earn money for their organizations. By just shopping with the B Caring Card, _% of the purchase will be donated to a qualifying organization of your choice!

Learn more about Bartell’s community involvement here!

6. Microsoft attempts to bring corporate social responsibility (CSR) into everything that they do. Their goal is to “apply technology to empower people, strengthen communities, and protect our planet. These practices and policies reflect our commitment to making a positive impact worldwide.” In Microsoft’s “2019 At A Glance” report, CEO Satya Nadella describes the importance of trust within corporate social responsibility.

What is the first letter in Satya Nadella’s quote from his letter in the 2019 Letter From The CEO?

Download the report to read more about Microsoft’s CSR efforts here!

Final Answer:

The six answers above all string together to create a hex code of a well known Seattle based company (Hint: search up “#_ _ _ _ _ _ “). To complete the scavenger hunt, who was the CEO from 2000-2005 of this company? Fill out the completion form here to be entered into the raffle for a prize!