Undergraduate Business Council


UBC is a student-run umbrella organization that oversees other Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) in the Foster School of Business. We aim to increase community by raising awareness to different Foster-wide events that are both hosted by UBC and other organizations. 

UBC hosts Service Month, Spotlight Dinner, Business Week, Blood Drives, Week of Welcome, monthly community engagement events, and UBC Social Hours. For more information on specific events, explore our website!

The main goals are to increase community within Foster, bring and celebrate diversity in the Foster community, help RSOs reach more students, and to help students find interesting RSOs!

Common qualities and skills that we look for are passion for community engagement and outreach, ability to lead and work in a team, and interest in becoming a student that represents Foster. We are looking for students who are excited about engaging the Foster community in diverse events and activities. 

UBC helps regulate RSO requirements, communicate important information to each RSO, assist RSOs in marketing, and build community among leaders in Foster.

In order to tackle inclusion and diversity, UBC will be introducing a new role in the next team called VP of Diversity. They will be working with the Undergraduate Diversity Systems to encourage diverse participation and drive initiatives that help Foster become a more welcoming place for people of different backgrounds. 

To find more resources, you can look into our UBC newsletter, UBC website page and FaceBook page. Additionally, you can contact us through our emails or by stopping by during office hours. 

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/fosterubc/

UBC NEWSLETTER: http://eepurl.com/dKFp6-/

There are a few ways you can get involved! The first is by joining different planning committees, such as Month of Service, Business Week, or Spotlight. The next is to apply to be an officer on the UBC team, see our website post for info on specific roles. The last is to come out to our events and to be an active member in the Foster community!

If you subscribe (link above), you can get valuable information on Foster wide and UBC events, as well as other things going on in the community!