Undergraduate Business Council

Fall 2020 FAQ

Can I attend club events and if so, how?

Yes, you are highly encouraged to join RSOs and attend events! Most, if not all events will be virtual and details will be specific to each RSO. Take a look at the calendar here to view upcoming RSO events and reach out to ubc@uw.edu if you would like to contact a specific RSO.


Will I still need to pay membership dues?

Membership dues will depend on the RSO as well; anticipate some changes in membership details, and reach out to ubc@uw.edu if you would like to contact a specific RSO.


How can I get involved during the virtual quarter?

  • Join clubs, attend events, and take advantage of this time for personal growth and development too! Although remote learning isn’t ideal, it doesn’t mean you can’t gain valuable experience. Attending events and staying connected to the Foster community will help you make the most out of this quarter. 
  • Sign up for the UBC newsletter to stay up-to-date and connected with the Foster community and the latest opportunities. 
  • For Foster students: Check out this comprehensive Foster canvas page for COVID career resources
  • For all UW students: https://careers.uw.edu/student-faqs-covid-19-career/

Where can I find when and where club meetings are?

 View the calendar for RSO events here

What recruiting events should I be attending?

Foster created a landing page within the Foster Undergraduates Canvas course to house info for virtual fall events along with numerous resources. Continue to check this page often for updates. Reference the Fall 2020 Virtual Career Events & Resources tab within the Career Services Overview section to find the following:

If you still have questions or need advising, please make an appointment with a Foster career coach on Handshake here! More information about Foster Career Services can be found here.